A Sneaker on My Pillow

Lessons for business. Lessons for life. by Ralph Yourie

A Sneaker On My Pillow is a collection of short, motivational essays, with applications for both business and everyday life. Some are informational, while others are life-lessons, often told through anecdotal and autobiographical stories. Ralph Yourie draws upon a lifetime of experience, as a manager, sailor, husband and father, to provide readers with his own unique perspectives. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a mailroom clerk; this book will enlighten, inspire, educate and amuse.

“With A Sneaker on My Pillow, Ralph Yourie has not only made a valuable contribution to the world of business, but demonstrates how we might get along better with one another in just about every aspect of life. He understands and respects his customers, colleagues and fellow humans and seeks to smooth the way for us by sharing lessons he’s learned in his many years of management. The connections he draws between business and the rest of life delight and surprise, and his advice is so sensible, one wishes he’d run for president — or at least move in next door. A fun and enriching read.”

Maria Johnson, editor, Meticulous Proofreading.

The cover design and illustration for this book was done by his daughter, Allison Yourie.

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